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Statements from MU Chancellor and Ihm Family Regarding Homicide Investigation of Jeong H. Im

January 30th, 2013

Story Contact: Christian Basi, 573-882-4430,

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Officials from the University of Missouri Police Department announced today that they had identified the individual responsible for the homicide of Jeong H. Im, a retired faculty member at MU.

For more information about the case, please see the information posted on the MUPD’s website:

Statements from the Ihm family and MU Chancellor Brady Deaton are below.


“We are very relieved and grateful for the resolution of the case.  This brings closure on the tragedy, to our family, as well as to the University of Missouri and Columbia communities as a whole.

“We are deeply grateful to the MU Police Department, University administration, and all the other law enforcement agencies involved, for their dedication, professionalism, and tireless commitment over the last eight years, which have resulted in solving the case.  We also thank the community for all of their support.”


“This is the most important news we will hear this year; I am profoundly grateful to MU Police Chief Jack Watring and his staff for their dedication, diligence and extraordinary investigative processes that resolved an 8-year case that has haunted our campus and the Ihm family.

“My heartfelt compassion goes to the Ihm family, and we hope that they may now find peace and closure. Our number one priority is the safety and security of our campus; it is comforting to know that we have law enforcement staff who protect our campus and would not rest until this senseless crime was solved.”