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MU student diagnosed with tuberculosis

Student left campus voluntarily; officials working closely with Columbia/Boone County Health Department

February 18th, 2019

Story Contact: Christian Basi, 573-882-4430,

COLUMBIA, Mo. — University of Missouri officials announced today that a student has been diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB). The student voluntarily left campus, and MU officials, including those from Student Health and University Physicians, are working closely with the Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services as they identify additional individuals who might need testing.

“The student has been extremely cooperative with campus and local health officials,” said Dr. Susan Even, director of the MU Student Health Center. “We’ll continue to provide any assistance necessary to the Columbia/Boone County Health department and provide the community with periodic updates.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, TB is most often spread when an individual with active tuberculosis of the lungs coughs near other individuals. It is spread only through the air and is not spread by touching surfaces or by sharing food or drink.

“The safety of our students is our top priority,” said Gary Ward, interim vice chancellor for Student Affairs. “We are fortunate to have excellent health resources and experts in this area who are skilled at handling these types of diseases. We’re very grateful for the help of the Columbia/Boone County Health Department of Public Health and Human Services.”

The health department will take the lead, and individuals at highest risk will be advised to receive TB testing at an appropriate location, which includes the Student Health Center, University Hospital or the Columbia/Boone County Health Department. Any individuals with positive test results will be provided with appropriate treatment.

Due to federal privacy laws, no additional information about the student or the student’s condition will be provided.