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MU Responds to MDHE Concerning Degree Program Review

December 23rd, 2010

Story Contact: MU News Bureau, 573-882-6211,

Today University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton responded to a directive from the Missouri Department of Higher Education to examine what MDHE referred to as “low-producing” programs. In the letter to Commissioner of Higher Education David Russell, Deaton reported that with the active engagement of faculty and academic leadership, MU is proposing a net reduction of 16 degree programs, exceeding previous expectations. The letter and tables indicating: (1)programs that will be discontinued/merged, (2)new programs that will be required as a result of merged/discontinued programs, (3)degree programs that are currently being justified and (4)degree programs that will not be discontinued are attached.
MU Response to MDHE Statewide Directive to Examine Degree Productivity1