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Investigation of Possible Misappropriation of Funds

July 25th, 2017

Story Contact: Liz McCune, 573-882-6212,

This afternoon, the University of Missouri referred a case of possible misappropriation of funds by a former staff member to the MU Police Department for further investigation.

The case involves suspected misappropriation of funds from student organization accounts affiliated with Greek Life. These are not university accounts, but instead are external to the university. The university is cooperating fully with the MU Police Department as they begin their investigation to determine whether a crime occurred.

At the same time, MU is making immediate changes to the management of all external accounts affiliated with student organizations. Per a directive from Interim Chancellor and Provost Garnett Stokes and Chancellor-designate Alexander Cartwright, any university employee who holds signatory authority and responsibility on an external student organization account must now receive approval from their supervisor and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for all their expenditures from that account. Concurrently, MU is reviewing the policies and practices for proper management and oversight of external accounts.

The university takes this possible misappropriation of funds seriously. If police determine misappropriation of funds by a former staff member occurred, the university will encourage prosecution of these crimes to the fullest extent possible and will work with affected groups to address the situation appropriately.

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