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MU Professor Says There's No Biblical Precedent for July 7, 2007 (777)

July 3, 2007

Story Contact:  Bryan Daniels, 573-882-9144,

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Superstitious people have their calendars marked July 7, 2007. For many, “777” is being interpreted as a “good, lucky or holy” day. However, a religion scholar at the University of Missouri-Columbia insists the day carries no spiritual significance.

“There's no biblical precedent for '777,'” said Nate DesRosiers, an assistant professor of religious studies in the College of Arts and Science. “People equate it as the opposite of '666,' thinking that if '666' indicates the anti-Christ, then '777' represents the opposite. Unlike '666,' it's not implacable to anything.”

This year, July 7 falls on Saturday. According to media reports, many couples plan to marry on '777,' believing the date is sacred. Think again, DesRosiers said.

“Everyone is planning weddings, thinking it's going to be special just because of the date,” he said. “It's just something that sounds good; people's obsession with numbers. It's a pop culture thing.”

DesRosiers has been a member of MU's faculty since 2006. His focus is the New Testament and history of ancient Mediterranean religions. DesRosiers reconstructs the modes of interaction between Greco-Roman traditions, Judaism and Christianity. He analyzes how these political and social relations influenced and shaped the philosophies, rituals, literature and material culture of each group.